Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Carole's Craft Girls Night Out

       Mandy with her jumbo platter for 2


The Carole's Crafts girls... Denise, Joan, Margaret, Mandy & me (Joe)... just Jackie missing :-(

Mandy was impressed by the size of the boot in the new car... least I now know that a body WILL fit in there lol
What can I say about today?
I have been stuck indoors ALL day :-(
Day 3 with no heating or hot water :-(
Had 2 plumbers, a lead plumber & and electrician out so far, now waiting for an Inner Boiler Engineer ?!?!

Not really a happy bunny tbh :-(  xx

First EVER Blog

Well I have been persuaded to start a blog... not sure what I am doing as yet but sure I'll get the hang of it. xx